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What's limiting your growth?

Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on mining 1st party platform data and acquiring 3rd party data from vendors. Even with all of this effort and spend, one company’s ability to acquire data will always be limited.

Companies like yours may face the following challenges:

  • Affordable access to reliable data
  • Poor linkages between core data sets
  • Limited revenue streams you can leverage from your current data products
  • 1st party data doesn’t give a large enough data footprint
  • 3rd party data is expensive, inconsistent, and unreliable. Your contract can be ended at any moment

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A new way to leverage data in your products.

FlowEngine is re-imagining how companies with digital products acquire, manage, and grow their business through the Data Co-Op model. FlowEngine’s Data Co-operative leverages the collective consumption exhaust of marketing service & SaaS platforms to provide a larger, more reliable, and accurate data asset to power your digital products. 

Benefits to Co-op Members:

  • Members no longer have to manage, protect, source and grow data on their own budget.
  • Members get to leverage a large data footprint to increase the signals in their products.
  • Members get to leverage the collective buying power of the co-op to secure novel data assets.

"Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway."

- Geoffrey Moore

Author of Crossing the Chasm

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How it works

Collect Product Exhaust

Members contribute their product and consumption exhaust to the co-op for it to be normalized, enhanced, and compliant.

Exhaust Improves Data Assets

The co-op uses member’s consumption exhaust to improve the overall value of the data assets. The co-op is ingesting billions of records on a daily basis.

Access to Superior Data

Members get access to superior-high-quality data assets to grow their digital products.