Generate Revenue From Your Employee Relationship Capital

Build contact-rich lists like ZoomInfo with the relationship personalization of LinkedIn at scale


5.5 Trillion+

Shared Experiences Mapped


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Networks Analyzed

You’ve Done All The Hard Work. Now Reap The Rewards.

Employees have spent their careers cultivating strategic business relationships, but companies continue to struggle with how to fully leverage this valuable asset.

As an employee’s network increases in size, it also increases value and complexity. As a result, companies only end up leveraging about 3% of what these networks have to offer.

FlowEngine helps companies save:

  • Thousands of hours of wasted time mining their own networks
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary cold outreach approaches
  • Millions of dollars in lost opportunities

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Leverage your entire network. More Deals Quickly.

Leveraging its database of 136M US contacts and 5.5 Trillion Shared Experiences Graphed, FlowEngine’s platform allows companies to build contact-rich lists like ZoomInfo with the relationship personalization of LinkedIn at scale.

FlowEngine can do in hours what would otherwise take weeks or months:

  • Millions of relationships analyzed
  • Hundreds of potential unleveraged deals identified
  • Customized strategies to turn deals into opportunities
  • More Deals. More Quickly

"FlowEngine's vision is to fundamentally change how companies leverage their Employee Relationship Capital to acquire new prospects, customers, and employees"

- Nick Weldon

CEO at FlowEngine

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How it works

Collect Your Relationship Data

FlowEngine's platform integrates directly into your company's existing network databases and in a matter of minutes collects, analyzes, and indexes millions of relevant relationships

Analyze Your Shared Experience Graph

FlowEngine organizes and prioritizes millions of relationships into the optimal order to find warm deals

Prioritize Deal Opportunities

FlowEngine helps companies develop and manage strategies to extract deals from their networks