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Answer the most critical questions about your network.


Whether you’re a Sales Rep or the VP of Sales, a Founder or an Investor, you need to be able to answer these basic questions about your network to close deals and partnerships, raise capital, and recruit.

Can you answer these basic questions about your network:

  • What is your network worth to you today?
  • Who are the most valuable contacts in your network?
  • Who will increase my chances of getting a referrer to introduce me to my highest valued prospects?

If you have trouble answering these questions, we want to help.



Let go of frustration. Understand your network.


95% of the value of your network goes unleveraged. FlowEngine helps you monetize your 1st and 2nd-degree network by leveraging its automated processes and machine learning models. FlowEngine identifies the shortest path and optimal actions required to engage your target audience by understanding which portion of your network to approach and engage first.

FlowEngine’s solution includes:

  • Network Audits
  • Network Analytics
  • Referral Network Campaign Builder
  • Campaign Management
  • Referral Network Management



Why choose FlowEngine?

Never Contact People Cold Again!

You're in good hands. FlowEngine is on a mission to ensure you never have to reach out to a cold contact again. The days of when you didn't know how to leverage your network are over!

Understand Your Network

Organizing your network is our top priority. FlowEngine leverages its proprietary algorithms and automated processes to organize and identify the hidden value in your network.

Ready to go Referral Campaigns

We're committed to helping our customers succeed. Have ready to go optimized referral network campaigns created in hours. We provide fast, insightful re campaigns created on how to leverage your network.

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