Black Pearl raises $1.5M of fundraising in 90 days solely from leveraging its 2nd degree network

"The best bang for the buck we've ever had." - Nick Lissette, CTO & Founder of Black Pearl
The Challenge

The Challenge

Black Pearl Mail, which provides the world’s best email signatures needed to raise a funding round quickly from high net-worth non institutional investors. It had already raised capital from personal investments, friends & family, and warm high-networth strategic investors. However, Black Pearl had exhausted its warm network as far as it saw.

In the case of Black Pearl, it had roughly 5,000 1st degree contacts and had gone through most of those contacts rapidly in its first round of fundraising. The issue that arose following that outreach was that it could not unlock and organize the 5,000,000+ contacts in its 2nd degree network. This equates to an 1,000X increase in available targeting.

The Solution

The Solution

Black Pearl leveraged FlowEngine’s propoeirity network mapping solutions and algorithms to unlock and engage its 2nd degree network. FlowEngine analyzed 5,000,000 of Black Pearl’s 2nd degree connections to understand which ones were relevant to the organization and helped figure out exactly how it was going to engage these contacts utilizing industry best practices.

Once FlowEngine organized Black Pearl’s entire relevant 2nd degree network, we composed campaign outreach copy for three of its executives and managed the entire outreach process to the point of setting the meeting. Black Pearl was able to obtain warmly introduced meetings with individuals it had never met before.


3000% ROI on money
spent to money raised
29.9% reply rate with
88.27% being
positive replies
40 qualified
investor meetings
Raised funds from
5 investor sources
Grew its network by over 1,000
investors which are now being
leveraged to raise its next round
of fundraising
"The Flow Engine service is an important part of my plan for a big round." - Nick Lissette, CTO & Founder of Black Pearl

More about Black Pearl

Black Pearl’s vision is bold, to create a suite of products of which the benefits, pricing and packaging are such that it is applicable to, and purchasable by every business in the world. Black Pearl Mail augments email to make it a more effective business tool. Email is the number one form of business communication in the world today, and with Black Pearl Mail it is also the most effective. Black Pearl is used by over 700 companies in 40 countries and by some of the top brands in the world including Microsoft and Roll Royce.