Trovo Sets 11 Meetings with C-suite Prospects of the largest 100 Companies in AZ

"As a marketer for 30 years one of my biggest challenges has always been how does my team generate qualified warm meetings for our sales team? Until working with FlowEngine, I’d never imagined campaigns that would have a 27% reply rate and a 5.5% meeting rate. The way they unlock the value in our executives network is gold to myself and our sales team" - Dirk Shaw, CMO of Trovo & AZ Crown
The Challenge

The Challenge

Trovo is an AI solution leveraged by some of the largest companies in the world. Trovo has a world class executive team with an incredibly large and active network. Trovo traditionally leveraged cold demand gen strategies to engage top level executives. These strategies on average produced less than a 1% meeting rate and the meetings were generally quite cold.

Trovo wanted a way to secure a higher meeting rate with warmer meetings. It wanted to leverage its network to get these meetings as it had found in the past an intro to a high level executive is gold for company growth. The issue was that Trovo had roughly 12,000 1st degree contacts and had leveraged most of the contacts that were prospects already. Luckily, Trovo had over 13,000,000 2nd degree contacts. Now they needed a way to unlock and organize that network.

The Solution

The Solution

Trovo leveraged FlowEngine’s propoeirity network mapping solutions and algorithms to unlock and engage that 2nd degree network. FlowEngine analyzed 13,000,000 of Trovo’s 2nd degree connections to understand which ones were relevant to the organization and helped figure out exactly how it was going to engage these contacts utilizing industry best practices.

Once FlowEngine organized Trovo’s entire relevant 2nd degree network, we composed campaign outreach copy for their top executive and managed the entire outreach to the point of setting the meeting. Trovo obtained introductions to CXO’s of Fortune 5,000 companies from individuals in its network it hadn’t talked to in years.


Generated 11 Fortune
5000 CXO meetings
(5.5% meeting rate)
27.4% Reply Rate
52 of 200 prospects are in
active engagement
Increased prospect
accessibility by 5420%
"We are working to expand FlowEngine across all AZ Crown portfolio companies
as it’s one of the most powerful tools of growth we have." - Dirk Shaw, CMO of Trovo & AZ Crown

More about Trovo

Trovo is the first collective of technologists, data scientists, designers and researchers created to address the scarcity in AI talent. Our partnerships with Arizona State University coupled with Coplex, a Venture Builder, gives us unprecedented access to the brightest minds along with the ability to scale to meet the growing demands across all business sectors. Since 2014, we have helped world-class brands like Lowes and Allstate understand how to apply AI to improve their cycle time to insights, turn their data exhaust into a competitive differentiator and how to manage a portfolio of AI use cases.