“As a Key Account Executive, I need very strategic ways to secure meetings with prospects. In the case of FlowEngine, I needed help getting a meeting with one specific company. In less than 30 days, I had a meeting with that company’s CTO. The solution works, plain and simple!”

– Cathy Fogler

Key Account Executive @ Google Cloud

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“As an investor, I’m always looking for ways to support my portfolio companies. FlowEngine has helped me find millions of dollars worth of deals in my network for our portfolio companies.”

Tim Crown
Principal at AZ Crown & Chairman of Fortune 500 Company

“I have over 20,000 1st degree connections and over 4M 2nd degree connections. Without Flowengine, I wouldn’t be able to leverage 1/1000 of my network’s value.”

Dean Lindal
Co-Founder at Deal Gateway

“I spend countless hours per week trying to extract value out of my team’s LinkedIn networks. FlowEngine saved gave us back all that time and helped us find significantly more value than we could have on our own.”

Adam Leidhecker
Director of Marketing at Coplex

“We needed to raise money quickly for a bridge round. FlowEngine analyzed 6 of our executive’s networks and identified all of the investors that we secured for that round in under 90 days. The best bang for the buck we ever had!”

Nicholas Lissette
Founder at Black Pearl

“I leveraged FlowEngine’s solution and they helped me find a few hundred thousand dollars in investment deals in my network that I never knew about in under a week.”

Edward Madongorere
CEO at Moon Ultra

“I’ve made a conscious effort to build a great network over the last 30 years. With FlowEngine, I finally feel as if I’m able to get the full value back out of it.”

Rand Arnold
CEO at Avai Mobile

“FlowEngine helped us find four 8-figure deals in our employees’ networks in less than 120 days. This saved us hundreds of hours of effort and has already paid major dividends.”

Dirk Shaw
Chief Innovation Officer at Trovo

“As a CEO, I leverage my network as much as I can. However, I don’t have time to do all the work required to get the full value out of it. FlowEngine saved me hundreds of hours of time.”

Ramon Berrios
CEO at Trend

“As a CMO, I’m always looking for creative ways to help give our sales team an advantage. In 60 days, FlowEngine helped us identify and unlock 25 opportunities that were sitting dormant in our employee’s networks.”

Jamey Heinze
CMO at iGrafx