90% of investors claim they will not meet with a startup without a proper introduction.

Let us help you so your company is never put in that bind again!


Join the sales team, biz dev teams, founders, and investors that use FlowEngine

Choose your ideal investor profile

Validate your investor targeting


Target by location


Target by title and years of experience


Target by industry and keywords

Analyze your network

Identify your optimal path to leveraging your network
Analyze your network

Real-time network analysis

Obtain visibility into your 1st and 2nd degree network. You’ll know exactly who to leverage for which warm introductions

Analyze millions of relationships

FlowEngine will analyze millions of your 2nd degree connections to understand which ones are relevant to you and help you figure out how you’re going to engage them utilizing industry best practices.

Discover hidden value

Don’t ask for introductions blind again. You will understand your “network’s network” better than they do. FlowEngine identifies who each person in your network needs to introduce you too.

Network classification

Using FlowEngine’s algorithms, over time your entire network will be classified based off of your relationship with it. Automation!

Engage and set meetings

Boost engagement and save hundred of hours in
attempted connections to potential investors

Created campaign messaging

Personalized campaign messages are drafted based off of referrer relationships by our world-class content & copy team.

Personalized campaign referrer and prospect outreach

All messages are manually sent and expanded upon to add any additional context relevant to the potential investor.

Real-time dashboard reporting

Have up to date information and statistics on your campaign

Managed campaign referrer and prospect follow up

Referrers and prospects are managed up until the point of client involvement. This can be as little or as much as you feel necessary.

Seamless CRM integration

FlowEngine campaigns integrate into all major CRMs. Your updates will be visible and meaningful.

Why choose FlowEngine?

Never Contact People Cold Again!

You're in good hands. FlowEngine is on a mission to ensure you never have to reach out to a cold contact again. The days of when you didn't know how to leverage your network are over!

Understand Your Network

Organizing your network is our top priority. FlowEngine leverages its proprietary algorithms and automated processes to organize and identify the hidden value in your network.

Ready to go Referral Campaigns

We're committed to helping our customers succeed. Have ready to go optimized referral network campaigns created in hours. We provide fast, insightful re campaigns created on how to leverage your network.