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The database built for companies with Digital Products

Tap into the largest identity graph in North America

Join the companies using FlowEngine to improve their ditigal products

Our Approach

Our approach to data is community driven. We leverage a multitude of strategic data co-op partnerships that allow us to moderate the most valuable insights
Analyze your network

12M Company Profiles

Our dataset includes company name, address, revenue, employee count, website, & NACIS/ SIC when available.

170M+ B2B Email Addresses

Our platform leverages a community of data dependent service providers to ensure records are constantly being updated.

4B IP Addresses

FlowEngine leverages a network of DSPs, buyer intent platforms, SDKs and more to secure billions of IP addresses on a daily basis.

850M MAIDs

FlowEngine leverages a network of DSPs, buyer intent platforms, SDKs and more to secure billions of MAIDS on a daily basis.

Comprehensive Identity Graph

Take the guesswork out of how to reach your audience

Graph Footprint

FlowEngine's has the largest private identity graph in North America which allows it to programmatically filter our poor IP/ MAID signals

Movement Data

FlowEngine tracks 170M people in the US across 250M MAIDs and 3B IPs on a daily basis

Digital Linkages

FlowEngine has linked billions of offline to online data points including IP > MAID > Contact > Firmographic

Data Quality & Access

Never worry about access to your B2B contact data again

Access Data through UI

Access, view, filter, and download your b2b contact data in a single UI

Refresh outdated contact and account information

Keep critical contact information stored in your database up-to-date.

Seamless CRM integration

FlowEngine campaigns integrate into all major CRMs. Your updates will be visible and meaningful.

Data Quality

FlowEngine continuously updates 4B events daily including IP addresses, MAIDs, direct-dial phone numbers and email addresses.


FlowEngine leverages a world class security infrastructure to ensure the highest quality of security standards.

Why choose FlowEngine?

Never Worry About Losing Data Access!

You're in good hands. Our mission is to help data-dependent service providers grow. Our database is built for companies just like you!

Reduce Data Spend

FlowEngine's database reduces data-dependent service providers data spend on average by 80%

Community Driven

We are a community built by data-dependent service providers for data-dependent service providers