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Turn ANY cold B2B marketing campaign into a warm campaign

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Discover hidden value

Don’t reach out to a prospect cold again. Leverage a "shared experience" (education, work, interest, etc) when engaging them


Target by location


Target by title and seniority


Target by industry, keywords, and company size

Analyze your network

Identify your optimal path to leveraging your network

Real-time network analysis

Obtain visibility into your entire network. You’ll know exactly who to leverage for which warm introductions

Analyze trillions of relationships

FlowEngine will analyze trillions of shared experiences to figure out which ones are relevant to you and help you figure out how you’re going to engage them utilizing industry best practices.

Create your most strategic account list

Provide a list of strategic prospects or work with FlowEngine to help create a new one.

Network Scoring

Using FlowEngine’s algorithms over time will prioritize your shared experiences to figure out which ones are the most valuable to you.

Tap into the largest
Shared Experience Graph in the world

Email Campaigns are seeing a 5X increase in reply rates

Calling Campaigns are seeing a 7X increase in live transfer rates

ABM Campaigns are seeing a 10X increase in meeting rates

Why choose FlowEngine?

Never Contact People Cold Again!

You're in good hands. FlowEngine is on a mission to ensure you never have to reach out to a cold contact again. The days of when you didn't know how to leverage your network are over!

Analyze Your Shared Experience Graph

FlowEngine organizes and prioritizes millions of relationships into the optimal order to find warm deals

Prioritize Deal Opportunities

FlowEngine helps companies develop and manage strategies to extract deals from their networks